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Battery Safety important info
By using this website and purchasing from you agree with our Terms & Conditions and not to hold (Vapour Group Ltd) liable for any damages which may occur through the misuse or improper storage of lithium batteries. We want everyone to have a great experience at our store, so please follow these common sense safety rules…

1. DON’T leave batteries unattended when charging

2. DON’T leave batteries in a bag or pocket where they may come into contact with keys, coins or any other items which may cause damage to the battery causing it to malfunction.

3. DO Keep batteries safe and in good condition by using an appropriate case or holder.

4. DON’T charge batteries on a flammable service. DO use as recommended a charging bag when charging batteries.

5. DON’T heat or incinerate batteries.

6. DO check you have inserted batteries the correct way into devices and chargers and DON’T reverse the polarity in devices and chargers (use the wrong way round).

7. DON’T over charge or over discharge DO remove from charger as soon as charge cycle is complete.

8. DO only use a battery with a device for which it is compatible and DON’T discharge above the recommended safe guidelines.

9. DO use a good quality charger and the correct charger for your device or battery, capable of safely charging lithium batteries. It is still highly recommended to charge lithium batteries using a charger rather than in the device.

10. DO use good quality batteries and purchase batteries from trusted suppliers.

11. DON’T use a battery if it looks damaged or fails to keep charge.

12. DO dispose of batteries safely according to appropriate regulations


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